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Old Time Tools and Toys of Needlework by G Whiting Book
Dover Publications published Old Time Tools and Toys of Needlework by Gertrude Whiting in 1971. An in-depth descriptive study on all things sewing related. Chapters include: Sweet scented beeswax - winders, reels, turns or swifts - scissors to grind! - workbaskets, workbags , workboxes and tables thimble, thimble who has the thimble Instruments of precision, Measures Knitting needles and crochet hooks- awls, bodkins, prickers, punches, stilettos sharps, blunts and betweens keen edged emery on needle books and needle cases the humble pin pincushions- the hidden ball and the sock hoops, tambours rings and frames pillows and horses, maids or ladies beautiful bobbins fast flitting shuttles pole boards, candle stools or candle blocks pinking blocks and other blocks here and there from beetles to hackles the song of the spinning wheel on weaving the romance of the sewing machine a few final suggestions and some stray sewing accessories. This 350 page book has well over 100 grey illustrations and is in good condition.

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Antique NeedleWork Tools and Embroideries by N Taunton
Written by Nerylla Taunton, this hardback book offers over 300 pages of indepth research and history of sewing tools and embroideries. There are a great number of high quality photos and illsutrations. Reprinted in 2007.

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Stanhopes A Closer View by J Scott.
Probably the new "Dont leave home without it" book for stanhope collectors. Descriptive and beautifully presented with numerous references and illustrations covering every aspect of Stanhopes. The book includes numerous examples of sewing items including thimbles with stanhopes. Printed in paperback, measures 21x30x1cm

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An Illustrated History of Needlework Tools By Gay Ann Rogers
An informative and illustrative book on Needlework tools including sewing cases, thimbles and tape measures. The book has eleven descriptive chapters on tools with 193 photographs and a detailed bibliography. The book was published by Needlework Unlimited in 1983, is only available in hardback, it measures 21cm by 27cm and is now out of print.